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Terms & Conditions of Booking

These are the Terms and Conditions that apply to all bookings made between Simon Partridge (“the artist”) and a client. 
(1) CONFIRMATION OF BOOKING Any contract issued confirms in writing the terms and conditions of the contract made between the artist and the client. Where a paper contract is issued, two copies will be sent to the client which must be signed by the client and one copy returned to the artist within 14 days. By signing said contract the client agrees to abide by all of its terms and conditions. Where an electronic contract is issued the contract will be emailed by the artist to the client’s preferred email address. The client must email the artist in reply stating clearly that they agree to all terms and conditions of the booking as listed here.

For both paper and electronic contracts a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the fee must be paid to the artist within 14 days. The booking shall only be deemed “confirmed” when cleared funds to the value of the deposit together with either a paper copy of the contract, signed and dated by the client, or an email clearly stating the client’s acceptance of the contract’s terms and conditions have been received by the artist. Bookings are non-transferable.

(2) PAYMENT Payment of the deposit should be made either by cheque or electronic transfer. A receipt will be sent to the client when the deposit and signed contract have both been received. The outstanding balance must be paid to the artist either by cheque on the day of the performance or by electronic transfer at least three working days before the performance. In the event of non-payment the artist reserves the right to withhold his services.

(3) REPERTOIRE AND REQUESTS A copy of the artist’s most up-to-date repertoire can be viewed at A printed copy can be posted out upon request. The artist is happy for the client to select songs from the repertoire and will endeavour to include these selections wherever possible, but reserves the right to make the final song choices for a performance. Requests for songs not in the artist’s repertoire will be accommodated subject to their suitability and the availability of an appropriate backing track. An additional fee is payable for such requests.

(4) SET-UP OF EQUIPMENT The artist will arrive at the venue at the Set-up Time agreed with the client to set-up and sound-check his equipment. A minimum of one-hour must be allowed for the set-up and during this period the artist will need unrestricted access to the area where he is to perform. All equipment will have been set-up and sound-checked ready to begin at the Start Time. An earlier set-up can be arranged subject to a waiting fee of £60 per hour (or part thereof). The artist requires access to mains electricity and sufficient floor space in which to set up.

(5) BREAKDOWN OF EQUIPMENT Breakdown of equipment will begin once the artist has completed his performance and takes approximately thirty-minutes. A later breakdown can be arranged subject to a waiting fee of £60 per hour (or part thereof).

(6) TRAVEL EXPENSES The first 100-miles of the total mileage from the centre of Lichfield, Staffordshire (where the artist is based) to the venue where the performance is booked to take place are included in the artist’s standard fees listed on his website and promotional literature. Additional mileage is charged at 50 pence-per-mile. Parking expenses and congestion charges may be payable for some locations. All additional expenses are included in the Total Fee stated on your contract.

(7) DELAYS Where unforeseen delays occur on the day of the booking no charge will be made for the first 30-minutes that the Start Time of the performance is delayed. Any delay over 30-minutes may be subject to an additional waiting fee of £15 per quarter-hour (or part thereof). The only exception to this is in the case of wedding meals where the artist will, as a gesture of goodwill and at no extra cost to the client, EITHER set-up thirty-minutes earlier (to allow speeches to take place at the beginning of the meal) OR breakdown his equipment thirty-minutes later (to allow speeches to take place at the end of the meal).

(8) OTHER ENTERTAINMENT AND MUSIC The artist will provide and play appropriate background music during any scheduled intervals in his performance. The client agrees that no other artists or entertainment (including DJs) will perform and no other music will be played until after the Finish Time of the performance unless by prior arrangement with the artist. The client is responsible for informing any such other artists, DJs or entertainment of this agreement

(9) CANCELLATION In the event of cancellation by the client the following fees are payable:
- more than 150 days from the performance: no additional fee
- between 150 – 121 days from the performance: 25% of outstanding balance
- between 120 – 91 days from the performance: 50% of outstanding balance
- between 90 – 61 days from the performance: 75% of outstanding balance
- within 60 days of the performance date: 100% of outstanding balance
In the event of cancellation by the artist (excepting force majeure) any monies paid by the client, including the deposit, shall be refunded.

(10) TRANSFERAL AND POSTPONEMENT OF BOOKINGS This booking is non-transferable. Any postponement of this booking will be treated as a cancellation and any additional fees due under the terms of Section 9 of this agreement will be payable by the client.

(11) FORCE MAJEURE In the event that the artist is unable to fulfil his obligation due to circumstances beyond his control (including, but not limited to, “Acts of God”, adverse weather, civil unrest, industrial action or war) the artist shall not be liable for refunds of any kind.


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